Things continue to get complicated for Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and her five-star students during Season 2, episode 4 of ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder." After getting a retrial in Nate's (Billy Brown) case in episode 2, the Middleton University law professor receives a shocking phone call from someone she never thought she'd hear from again. Nate's dying wife, Nia, requests a visit from Annalise -- but it's not her husband's affair she wants to discuss.

Annalise obliges and arrives at Nia's hospital room early the following morning. The conversation is tense. The women breeze through Nate's infidelity and Nia makes an unexpected request. She asks that Annalise help her procure a prescription that she plans to use to kill herself. She claims that, not only is she in pain, but her husband is suffering and suicide is the only fix. Annalise appears shocked, initially turning down the request. After much urging from her lover's wife she agrees to try, but makes no promises.

In the meantime she returns to her busy caseload, which has expanded since episode 3. Annalise has agreed to take on a new, young client who is accused of having murdered a classmate. Her client claims she is innocent, pinning the murder on two other girls who also take the stand during the episode. Video proof uncovered by Laurel (Karla Souza), however, proves that all three girls are guilty. What it does not prove is which of the three teens served as the ringleader. After showing the video to her clients' parents, Annalise is asked to make the footage disappear. She enlists help from Frank (Charlie Weber), demanding that he delete it from everywhere it was posted -- including the cloud. It is during that discussion that Frank passes along the pills Annalise requested, though he is unaware who they are for. 

The esteemed lawyer and her loyal band of hopeful attorneys head back to court for their new client. With the video gone they seem confident that they can clear the client's name -- that is, until one of the other girls reveals that she, too, has a copy. The video is shown in court, sending Annalise's client into a rage. She threatens the other two girls, claiming that she is the only reason for their popularity. She warns them that they're "next," insinuating that she plans to kill them. She is escorted out of the courtroom by police officers, still screaming.

A shaken Annalise stands in the hallway of the courthouse where she is confronted by Nate. She cautions him that they "shouldn't be seen together," but engages in a brief conversation with him anyway. She reveals to him that she was called by his wife and visited her in the hospital. She does not, however, share any details about their conversation. Later that same day she pops into Nia's hospital room once more, armed with the pills she requested. Somewhere along the way she decides that she can't bring herself to help Nia kill herself. Nia is disappointed, but Annalise leaves the room before the two can discuss her decision in much detail.

While Annalise and Nia's interaction is the main focus of the episode, there were several other moments worth taking note of. Here are the four most important moments from "Skanks Get Shanked:"

  • Viewers once again revisit the Halstad siblings' home, where Annalise is shown being rushed away by ambulance. The cameras then cut to the Keating five, who are in Nate's police cruiser. Michaela (Aja Naomi King) gets a phone call from an unidentified person and is urged by Nate to answer it. She is later shown being dropped off at her apartment, where viewers learn she had been speaking to Caleb Halstad.
  • Michaela is sent to do some digging on the siblings. Annalise instructs her to flirt with Caleb, which serves as the catalyst to their potentially romantic relationship. Catherine reveals to her that she is a virgin, which Annalise thinks will be enough evidence to prove she and her brother are not engaging in a sexual relationship. She agrees to submit to testing, which comes back proving definitively that she is a virgin. 
  • Connor (Jack Falahee) grows uncomfortable with the unconventional inner workings of Annalise's legal practice. He attempts to get the rest of the Keating five on board, but is unsuccessful. Annalise learns of his waivering faith and has an intense chat with him in which she threatens to reveal his involvement in Sam's (Tom Verica) death.
  • Asher (Matt McGorry) enlists the help of his father and the lawyer prosecuting Nate to get him out of the Keating five. He shares details about Sam's murder, revealing that Annalise was in some way involved. The trio are seen discussing the details of their impending trial, proving Annalise and potentially his colleague's guilt, when Bonnie (Liza Wiel) shows up. She attempts to talk him out of leaving, though it is unclear what decision he will ultimately make. 
  • Wes (Alfred Enoch) teams up with Levi (Matt Cohen) to dig up new details about Rebecca's (Katie Finlay) murder. Together they are able to uncover Frank's involvement, as well as the location where Rebecca's body may be buried.