The real killer in the Hapstall case may have finally been revealed during Season 2, episode 8 of ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder." Catherine (Amy Okuda) and Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) were first introduced in episode 1 when they came to Annalise (Viola Davis) begging her to clear them in the murder of their adoptive parents. She and the Keating five thought they'd found their killer in Phillip, who they believed to be a cousin of the siblings, in episode 6 but new evidence disproves that theory.

Early in the episode Assistant District Attorney Emily Sinclair (Sarah Burns) resurfaces, trying tirelessly to bury Annalise and her team of student lawyers. She begins with a trick Annalise knows well -- overloading her with paperwork -- but fails. She resorts to other tricks like overloading the lab so they're unable to get to other samples and fails once more. Asher (Matt McGorry) quickly recalls a trial he attended alongside his father in which Emily pleaded with a judge to grant her wiretap access to Annalise's home, which also serves as her legal office. He reveals to the team that she's somehow planted a bug, which they later discover is in a pen she gave them along with several files. Rather than get angry, the team decides to get even. They use the bug to their advantage, telling tall tales about Caleb and Catherine's involvement in the case.

After hearing the fake evidence through the wire Sinclair storms the Haptstall mansion with several police officers. They turn the home upside down, searching for the murder weapon and find nothing. Annalise confronts Emily about her illegal methods, threatening to get a judge involved. The case proceeds and Caleb and Catherine are forced to decide whether or not they should accept a plea deal offered to them by Emily. Initially Caleb agrees to serve 30 years behind bars with Catherine getting zero. He changes his mind quickly at the urging of Annalise and Michaela (Aja Naomi King). Catherine them attempts to accept a deal of her own, agreeing to serve nine years if her brother walks free. The deal goes before a judge where she nearly agrees to accept. Frank (Charlie Weber) storms in just before she can say anything with evidence that will change the fate of Catherine and Caleb forever.

Charlie Weber, How to Get Away With Murder Frank (Charlie Weber), pictured in a still from Season 2 of ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder," saves the day during episode 8 after pulling strings to get case-changing DNA evidence. He uses it to place Phillip (not pictured) at the scene of the murder in the Hapstall case. Photo: ABC

With Oliver's (Conrad Ricamora) help he was able to obtain a sample of Phillip's DNA. The sample proves he was present when Caleb and Catherine's parents -- who he claimed early on in the episode he was not related to -- were murdered. Court is adjourned and everyone temporarily returns to their normal lives. Caleb receives a visit at his home from Michaela, who shares her true feelings for him while Wes (Alfred Enoch) gets an unexpected gift from Catherine, whom he visits early in the show. Catherine gifts him with one of her paintings, depicting what is supposed to be a young Wes with his fictional parents. While looking at the photo he recalls an important detail from an earlier episode. One of Catherine's paintings was hiding in the back of Phillip's profile photo online. The show then flashes back to the night of the murder, showing Catherine and Phillip together in a car discussing their plan to "take care" of something, though it is somewhat unclear what they mean.

"HTGAWM" will air its autumn finale Nov. 19 on ABC.