The time has come for me to come clean: I, Caitlyn Hitt, am completely and utterly obsessed with the Kardashians. I have been since 2007 when their hit show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” first debuted on E!

As a Day One Kardashian fan I, and millions of others, have watched via television and social media as the famous siblings' style and tastes in both fashion and makeup have evolved. For me, Khloé Kardashian, the youngest of the three reality star sisters, has always been a stand-alone favorite. She’s adventurous with her looks, constantly mixing it up and trying new things. I find myself looking to Khloé-centric makeup tutorials whenever the time comes to do something on camera or head out for a night on the town. Fortunately Khloé, 31, and her sisters now have personalized apps where they’re known to broadcast tutorials in hair, makeup and fashion, among other things. During a recent live stream on her app, Khloé opened up to her fans about her highlighting technique, known to beauty gurus as strobing, which really piqued my interest.


Denim and diamonds baby!!! Tune in to tonight's episode of Kocktails With Khloé on FYI at 10pm ___

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During the video Khloé shared the secret to getting superglowy skin: the right tools. Specifically Jane Iredale Cosmetics' fan brush. While my makeup kit is stocked with numerous brushes of varying sizes and uses, it’s hardly up to Kardashian caliber. Fortunately the folks at Iredale decided to help me out in my never-ending quest to be an honorary Kardashian. I got the brush along with two highlighting powders to try.

Armed with the proper tools and Khloé’s guidance via live stream, I set out to achieve the perfect, most poppin’ highlight possible. I applied my makeup like I normally do: moisturizer, foundation applied with a damp sponge, concealer to hide the not-so-designer bags under my eyes and setting powder. From there I moved toward my contour kit. As always I applied my deep-brown contouring powder to the hollows of my cheek, my temples, the sides of my nose, just below my bottom lip and the area between my jawbone and neck. From there I moved to my new goodies. At first glance the Iredale Beauty fan brush is perfect — it’s easy to hold, has just enough bristles to pick up product and sweep it onto your face and, as promised by Khloé, it works like a dream on both creams and powders. For this attempt I opted to test Iredale’s champagne-colored highlighting powder, which has a bit of a pink color to it (I was also given the silver, which, as the name suggests, is a true silvery color).


Just wrapped Good Morning America in NYC. West coast tune in!!!

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I sprinkled the powder into the container's cap and swept it over the highest part of my cheeks, under my eyebrows’ highest point, on my forehead, onto my cupid’s bow and on my chin. I found that the champagne color was slightly more understated than my usual highlighting powder but was pleased to see how well it picked up in good lighting.

The downfalls with these products — both the brush and Iredale Beauty’s highlight powder — are few and far between. For one, the brush’s fan shape makes it difficult to fit inside the powder's container. This issue is easily fixed by simply pouring a small amount of the product onto a flat surface. The second, and really final, qualm I had with Iredale’s highlighting powder was that it appeared to have a lot more glitter in it than I was used to. After applying it and firing off a few selfies, however, I came to appreciate how well the shiny flecks pick up in photos or the right light.

In closing, I learned that Kardashian-level beauty is attainable if only you've got the right tools for the job!