Well, Greta Gerwig called it. According to reports, the “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff, “How I Met Your Dad,” has been officially passed on by CBS. We know, we know – the news shocked us, too. But before you get that Lily “you’re-dead-to-me” look in your eyes, we have a few more shocking revelations for fans courtesy of Vulture editor, Joe Adalian.

In a string of tweets, Adalian revealed to the world the reason behind the passing of “HIMYD” and what’s next for the Carter Bays and Craig Thomas spinoff:

Talk. About. Drama! We wonder what could have been so controversial in the pilot that CBS didn’t want to air it. Whatever it was, they weren’t the only ones who had iffy feelings toward the spinoff. Back in April, Gerta Gerwig, who was cast as Sally (the lead character in ‘HIMYD’), noted her concerns during an interview with Vulture.

“It's hard to talk about something that I'm not sure will exist in the world,” the actress replied when asked about the upcoming series. “I loved making it. I had the best time. I kept saying it was the most fun I'd had since college. It was like TV camp, TV spring break.”

So, why was Gerwig so quick to jump to that conclusion of the show never airing? Well, unfortunately, she didn’t expand. But the actress did say that May would be the month that fans would find out if the spinoff was given the official green light.

“Everyone's saying, ‘Oh, don't worry, it'll happen,’ but I really don't know!” she revealed. Perhaps her speculation of the spinoff has something to do with the controversial ending of the season finale of “HIMYM.”

Instead of having Ted live the rest of his life with the woman we’ve been hearing about since episode 1, Bays and Thomas killed off the Mother and had their protagonist end up with Robin. Needless to say, fans we’re upset. They took to Twitter, Facebook and every social media platform they could think of to express their disdain for the final episode.

Shortly after all the negative feedback, Bays and Thomas revealed that they would be adding an alternative ending to the DVD collection of “HIMYM.” But it looks like that would be their first and last time they would be doing something of the sort. The two creators of the hit CBS series reportedly refused to create another pilot episode despite the pleas from CBS.

Bays even went as far to tweet about the debate between the showrunners and network on Twitter:

But that doesn’t mean the spinoff is meeting an early death. As of Thursday, May 15 fans will learn if another network picked up the debated series.

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