After “How I Met Your Mother” aired its controversial series finale on Monday, March 31 all eyes have been on the CBS spinoff series “How I Met Your Dad”—specifically on the star of the sitcom, Greta Gerwig.

Gerwig will be playing the role of Sally, telling her story from a female perspective of how she met the love of her life. Sounds like she’s the female version of Ted, right? Wrong! According to the actress, “HIMYD” will be significantly different than “HIMYM.” And for fans who were upset with the “HIMYM” series finale, hopefully that tidbit of information will brighten your day.

So, how will the two shows differ? Gerwig tried to answer that question as best as possible during her interview with Vulture.

“It's hard to talk about something that I'm not sure will exist in the world. I loved making it. I had the best time. I kept saying it was the most fun I'd had since college. It was like TV camp, TV spring break,” she revealed.

Wait. What? You’re not sure it’s going to exist? What does that mean? Gerwig went on to explain that she won’t know until May if “HIMYD” will officially make a CBS debut.

“Everyone's saying, ‘oh, don't worry, it'll happen,’ but I really don't know!” she admitted.

Hmm, do you think her doubt has anything to do with the how Carter Bays and Craig Thomas ended their nine season series? Many fans were disappointed when the Mother was killed off, leaving Ted to go out and chase after Robin.

“It's going to be different than the original,” she promised. “When the premise of the show is that it's a young man looking for his true love, it's a very different feeling than a young woman looking for her true love. But I'm so nervous about it that I have trouble talking about it. I just want it to really exist. And it would shoot here in New York, which would be really special. Craig and Carter are making it, too, and Emily Spivey is so funny and great. She wrote for SNL for a long time, and wrote the show Up All Night, and I'm in love with her.”

Do you think “How I Met Your Dad” will “exist” after “HIMYM” crushed their fans with their "disappointing series finale"? Let us know in the poll below if you’ll be watching the creator’s new show on CBS if it premieres.