As if life wasn’t harsh enough, “How I Met Your Mother” creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have decided to slap us in the face with one of the hardest hits we’ve ever received. You know what we’re talking about, right? We’re referring to the rumors surrounding The Mother’s death that’s allegedly going to occur in the series finale of “HIMYM.”

Fans of the long-running show have been speculating Ted’s wife has been dead for quite some time now. But it wasn’t until episode 19, “Vesuvius,” aired that fans started running rampant with wild predictions. Originally, it seemed unlikely that the lighthearted show could bring such darkness to the series finale. However, after watching last week’s episode, we have to admit we’re not completely outing the seemingly absurd theory.

“There have been rampant theories throughout the show in the last couple years and this season that the story is being told because The Mother is dead,” The Hollywood Reporter said to Cristin Milioti, the woman portraying the role of The Mother.

“That’s insane,” the actress respond with a laugh. “I know that there’s some crazy conspiracy theories, which actually just makes me really love the fans more. Because I’m like, ‘Wow. You guys are like getting to the bottom of something.’ I don’t know! There’s such passion there. That is so crazy.”

Milioti then compared the “HIMYM” rumors to the gossip that surrounded the iconic TV series “Lost.”

“It’s really intense,” she confessed.

The actress went on to say the series finale of “HIMYM” is “beautiful.” She then opened up that there were no outtakes or alternative endings when it came to filming the finale episode of the CBS series.

“No, we didn’t do any,” she said with a smile. “Well, Craig and Carter—they have had this vision for nine years and it’s in great hands. Like, they know exactly what they want to do.”

Several of the cast and crew members have hinted that the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother” will definitely be a tear jerker. So, if The Mother doesn’t die—as Milioti is insisting—then what could be the reason Ted breaks down during the couple's night out?

Do you believe Milioti’s answer? Let us know what your theory is for the ending of “How I Met Your Mother” and don’t forget to answer the poll below!