Ted is desperate for some loving in episode 6 of “How I Met Your Mother’s” ninth and final season. The synopsis for “Knight Vision” has leaked online, and it appears that everyone’s favorite bachelor (is he though?) is shaking up with someone at Barney and Robin’s wedding … and it’s not Cristin Milioti’s “Mother.”

According to the episode 6 description from CBS, Ted will find himself with not one … but three potential dates for the “longest” wedding weekend. One of the prospects? “True Blood” star Anna Camp. Camp will be guest starring as Cassie, the gal who Ted ends up choosing to be his weekend date. But in usual Ted fashion he’ll end up choosing “poorly.” “How I Met Your Mother” fans will have to wait to see exactly what “choosing poorly” means.

Meanwhile the pre-wedding drama will continue building up for the gang. Barney and Robin managed to avoid their relatives for the most part of episode 3, but they won’t be able to avoid a confrontation with their minister in “Knight Vision.”

As for where Marshall is at in his journey to Farhampton for the wedding – he’ll be learning more about Daphne (guest star Sherri Shepherd), his driving companion.

Episode 6, “Knight Vision,” will air on Monday, Oct. 21 at 8 p.m. on CBS, and will also guest star Edward Herrmann of “Gilmore Girls, India de Beaufort of “Jane by Design” and Joe O’Connor of “Mad Men.”