Trick or treat? “How I Met Your Mother” is celebrating Halloween with a haunting new episode on Monday, Oct. 28!

The Barney and Robin wedding weekend antics continue in episode 7, “No Questions Asked,” when Lily makes a startling discovery … she’s sharing her hotel room with a ghost. But is it a ghost? Or is it just the rest of the gang causing trouble around the quiet Farhampton inn?

We’re going with the latter …

“How I Met Your Mother” fans will remember that episode 6 concluded with Marshall and Daphne getting into a fight and Daphne exacting revenge. Before Marshall could apologize to his driving mate, Daphne decided to text Lily and tell her that Marshall accepted a job in New York as a judge even though they’re supposed to be moving to Rome for Lily’s career.

Thanks to a leaked synopsis for episode 7, we know that Marshall will be asking the gang for help in removing the message from Lily’s phone “while enforcing the ‘No Questions Asked’ rule.”

Viewers saw Marshall go through a similar situation earlier in the season when his mother posted a photo online saying that her son was going to be a judge. Since he wasn’t ready to talk to Lily about the opportunity yet he went a little crazy in trying to delete the evidence before she saw it. Marshall ended up getting rid of the incriminating photo (with the help of baby Marvin) but in the process got kicked off his flight and had to go on a wild goose chase in order to get on the road and towards the wedding.

Marshall lucked out the first time, but will he be forced to face the music with Lily this time? “How I Met Your Mother” fans will find out by the end of episode 7, “No Questions Asked.”

"How I Met Your Mother" season 9, episode 7 airs on CBS at 8 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 28.

Watch a promo video for "No Questions Asked" below and let us know what you think.