“How I Met Your Mother” is gearing up for its ninth and final season, but will the hit CBS series surprise fans by tacking on a 10th season? According to Ted Mosby’s Josh Radnor, fans should definitely be prepared to bid adieu.

In an interview with E! Online, Radnor explained that the comedy show doesn’t want to “overstay” its welcome. “I feel like we’re leaving at a high point, and I feel like the series is as loved and popular as ever,” he dished. “And I feel like they can wrap up the story in exactly the way they want to, so it feels good to me.”

“How I Met Your Mother” has a lot to wrap up. This season the sitcom will focus on Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend, which will tie up a lot of storylines:

-Fans will finally meet Robin’s mother(s).

-Ted’s feelings for Robin will be addressed once and for all.

-The group will meet Ted’s future wife …

-… Ted will meet his future wife.

-Lily will find out about Marshall’s judge job offer.

But what happens when it all comes to an end? Executive producer Carter Bays recently told TV Guide that they haven’t ruled out a relationship-themed spinoff of “How I Met Your Mother.” (Maybe what happens to Ted’s kids once they finally get free from his grasp?)

Executive producer Craig Thomas previously explained that they thought about a “How I Met Your Father” series, which would find the spinoff series “rewinding back to 2005.” Viewers would be able to see what Cristin Milioti’s “Mother” character has been up to for all those years; she would even occasionally stumble through McLaren’s bar “and no one will see her.”

Which couple would you like to see get their own “How I Met Your Mother” spinoff? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.