“How I Met Your Mother” is being super careful not to leak any spoilers from its series finale script. Even Cristin Milioti, who plays “The Mother,” confirmed that CBS has gone above and beyond to keep the final episode of season 9 a secret. “It’s CIA-level lockdown. Our scripts are watermarked, and it feels really cool,” she admitted. Whoa, that is serious.

But, there is one thing Craig Thomas and Carter Bays might have forgotten: How seriously obsessed fans are with their show. Since 2005 we’ve been putting clues together to figure out how Ted would meet his future wife. Now, after nearly nine years, we’re going to finally witness the moment we’ve been all waiting, and dreaming, for. And while that anticipated scene has our hands sweating with anxiety, there are also other moments from the series finale that we are really looking forward to.

One being, which character will get the last line? We’ve always thought since the narrator was the first voice we heard every time an episode aired that Bob Saget would be the one to get the last word on “How I Met Your Mother.” However, according to reports, the creators of the beloved show are creating a twist for the series finale that fans will never expect.

Thomas has confirmed that the last line will be given to someone you would have never predicted. “Maybe someone you haven’t even met yet,” he teased to Entertainment Weekly. OK, who could this mystery character be? Well, we have a pretty good idea.

Although “How I Met Your Mother” is coming to an end, CBS has decided to do a gold mine of a spinoff titled “How I Met Your Dad.” The sitcom sequel is reportedly starring Greta Gerwig as Sally, the show’s protagonist. Could the new, romance-seeking star be the gal who gets the last line? Maybe she sees Ted and “The Mother” strolling down the street and makes a comment. That would be a pretty incredible transition into the new show, don’t you think?

Who do you think deserves the last line during the series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”? Let us know in the comments section below!