Kate Middleton is rumored to have lost weight and retain her thin figure using the Dukan Diet, a popular diet program that took Europe by storm.

The Duchess of Cambridge, under public scrutiny recently for being pin thin, and her mother Carole Middleton reportedly used the diet to shed unwanted pounds for the royal wedding, according to Britain's Daily Mail. Middleton has reportedly dropped from a size 10 or 12 when she was in University to a size 6.

The diet is all the rage in Europe and has been gaining popularity in the U.S. thanks to Giselle and Jennifer Lopez who claim to follow it as well, as reported by MSNBC.

The Dukan Diet is a protein-based diet comprised of 100 food choices similar to the Atkins diet. The program is broken down into four stages to boost metabolism while losing and keeping off weight, created by French nutritionist Pierre Dukan.

So how does Kate Middleton stay thin? View the slideshow for 7 foods to lose weight through the Dukan Diet.