This week will mark the highly anticipated premiere of the CW’s latest DC comics-themed TV show, “Legends of Tomorrow.” While the show hopes to stand on its own merit, it is getting a bit of help from the network’s pre-established shows “Arrow” and “The Flash,” but don’t expect that to last long. 

With almost every character on the series having gotten their start on either of the two CW shows, many fans are wondering if they’d be coming back to help out, or wreak havoc on, the vigilantes in either Star or Central city. Unfortunately, speaking to IGN, showrunner Marc Guggenheim dashed any hopes for a crossover in the near future.

“In the pilot, our characters are sort of plucked from 2016 and put on a time ship and travel throughout time. The fact of the matter is by nature of that, they don’t have an opportunity to interact with the characters of ‘Flash’ or ‘Arrow’ as far as Season 2 of ‘Flash’ and Season 4 of ‘Arrow’ are concerned,” he said. “We want to create a time travel show, and once you’re doing that, you’re not interacting with your other characters, which I think we were all very fine with.” 

While this may sound like “Legends” won’t be related to its sister shows, nothing could be farther from the truth. While the showrunner said there’d be no time for the “Legends” characters to return, there’s nothing stopping the reverse. It was previously revealed at New York Comic Con that both The Flash (Grant Gustin) and The Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) will show up during Thursday’s pilot episode in order to set the stage for the time-traveling “Legends” team. In addition, Entertainment Weekly reports that “Arrow” characters Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) will make their way to “Legends” along “Flash” character Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). 

However, perhaps the most interesting reveal came when executive producer Phil Klemmer told the outlet that younger actors will be cast to play past versions of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. 

“We will have a couple marked crossover moments that hopefully will keep people satisfied,” he said.

“Legends of Tomorrow” premieres Thursday, Jan. 21, at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.