As anyone who has watched the show will note, death isn’t always such a permanent condition on the CW’s “Arrow.” Now that the show has spawned two spinoff series, one very key actor to the series’ development is hinting that he wants to return in a very big way. 

In Season 1 of “Arrow,” Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was a very different vigilante than he is today. At that time, he wasn’t shy about killing his enemies and those he felt had wronged the city he loved. However, when his actions as the Arrow cost his best friend, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), his life, he swore to never kill again. Although he didn’t last long on the show, he was perhaps the most important member of the team given he set the tone for the rest of the show, making the now Green Arrow a symbol of justice rather than a killer. 

Donnell, now a star on NBC’s “Chicago Med,” recently spoke to TV Line about the possibility of returning, saying that he was all for it. Interestingly enough, the door is open for a Tommy Merlyn return now that the third spinoff to “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” is tackling the concept of time travel. With a cadre of heroes chasing a villain throughout time, there’s nothing stopping them from encountering a still-living Tommy Merlyn. However, that’s not quite how Donnell wants things to happen.

“I’m all down for it. I would be so happy to be back on ‘Arrow’ or on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ in whatever capacity,” he said before revealing his true wish for returning. “There’s got to be something where an evil Tommy pops up. I want him to be totally different than what he was before.” 

In Season 1, Tommy was almost upsettingly good-hearted, often judging the Arrow for his murderous ways. So it seems now the actor is hoping to challenge himself and fans by making the team confront a friend-turned-foe. With the show introducing the concept of magic and, let’s face it, bringing more characters back from the dead than a zombie movie, there’s no reason that a storyline with a resurrected Tommy couldn’t happen. Then again, with “The Flash” introducing the concept of a parallel dimension known as Earth 2, it’s possible that there’s a version of Tommy floating around out there that’s already a cut-and-dry bad guy. 

Although a cameo on the show is just a wish right now, Tommy Merlyn will be making his way back to the “Arrow” canon by way of a comic book that will be penned by actor John Barrowman, who plays Tommy’s father on the show, and continues to wreak havoc on Team Arrow as Malcolm Merlyn. According to MTV News, Barrowman and his sister announced recently that they’d write a comic book that covers Malcolm’s origins, set between Seasons 3 and 4 of “Arrow.” Given what a massive impact the boy had on his now villainous father, it looks like fans can expect more Tommy in the future, whether it’s on the show, though, remains a mystery.