Jared Fogle, the former Subway pitchman who in August agreed to plead guilty to child pornography charges and paying for sex with minors, was sentenced Thursday to 15 and a half years in federal prison. Fogle was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, local media reported.

Fogle spoke at his hearing, saying there will not be a day that goes by when he doesn’t think about what he did to his victims, the Indianapolis Star reported. For most of his adult life, Fogle said, he has been in the public eye, and eventually became dependent on alcohol, pornography and prostitutes.

"I want to become a good, decent person," Fogle said, choking up during his statement. He also said he wishes he had sought treatment years ago.

Fogle also said he wants to help sex offenders and inmates after he gets out of prison, according to a reporter tweeting the court proceedings. 

Prosecutors asked for a 12 and a half-year term under Fogle’s plea deal while Fogle’s lawyers asked for five years, the minimum mandatory for his charges, the Associated Press reported. U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt accepted the guilty plea and sentenced Fogle, who has admitted he paid to have sex with two underage girls in New York City and received images of nude minors from Russell Taylor, who ran his nonprofit, the Jared Foundation.

Taylor is alleged to have captured images of various minors using hidden cameras. Fogle was charged after Taylor was arrested and Fogle’s own home was raided by federal agents in July, WXIN-TV, Indianapolis, reported.

Pratt could have sentenced Fogle to 50 years under federal law, the Indianapolis Star reported. Pratt is considered a tough judge in sentencing.

Court documents show Fogle was given underage porn by Taylor from 2011 to 2015, and the two had talked about the child porn, CNN reported. Fogle had paid a girl, 17 at the time, for sex multiple times, and the victim said Fogle had sex with another girl, 16 years old at the time, on a separate occasion.

Fogle’s name recognition comes from his longtime relationship with the Subway sandwich franchise. In 2000, Subway released an ad with Fogle’s story about how he lost about 245 pounds in a year from a diet of mostly Subway sandwiches, CNN noted. As a Subway brand spokesman, Fogle was able to travel the world, carrying the Olympic torch and flipping coins at the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. Subway ended its relationship with Fogle when the scandal broke.