It’s “Game of Thrones” finale weekend, so your house better be properly decorated. When tuning in to the HBO drama Sunday night, represent the characters you’re rooting for in Season 6 by proudly displaying their house sigil. Whether you’re standing with the Starks, trusting the Targaryens or aligning yourself with the Lannisters, you should show off your pride. If you don’t have time to order an official sigil from the HBO shop, you can easily make one at home.

Step 1: Get Fabric — Want to make a massive flag to hang inside your house? Or do you just want a little reminder of the Targaryens on your desk at work? It’s really up to you how large this can get (though, this flag isn’t weatherproof, so you might want to keep it small enough to display indoors). Make sure you get a rectangular shape, and remember to leave a few inches extra on the end if you’re using a pole to hold it up (small flags could be held up using thumbtacks). Our recommendation is 11 by 16 inches.

Step 2: Making the Sigil — There are three levels at which you can do this. The hardest way is to go freehand. Take fabric paints or markers in the coordinating colors and do your thing. Of course, we’re not all born artists. For many, it’ll be easier to cut out a house sigil and trace it onto the fabric in pencil or pen before painting it in. Check out several outlines on Free Stencil Gallery. Use a fabric marker to and add details that can’t be traced.

The easiest route is to buy iron-on paper. If you’re looking to make this a quick process, grab one of the sigils off Google Images and print it on a decal. Just make sure the fabric of the flag matches the background of the image you’re using.

Step 3: Display — If your sigil is just going to hang on a wall or bulletin board, you could just use thumbtacks to display the sign. If you’re hanging it from a pole or rod, you’ll need to take the top few inches of fabric and sew an opening for the pole. Wrap the fabric around the rod and pin it in place. Take the rod out and sew along the line of pins. Voila. You have a “Game of Thrones” house flag!

How will you be decorating your house for the “Game of Thrones” finale? Sound off in the comments section below!