Canada consistently proves to be one of the most considered places for Americans hoping to pack up and leave if Election Day doesn't pan out in their favor. Following Super Tuesday in March, analysts reported a 350 percent surge in Google searches for the question, "how do I move to Canada?"  Unfortunately for those looking to move for at least the next four years, moving up north is nowhere near as easy as it might seem.

Americans can choose from several permanent residency options if hoping to move to Canada after Election Day, though the process could take upwards of a few years, depending on what resources may be available to each specific American. There are the Skilled Workers and Professionals, Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience, Investors and Entrepreneurs, Provincial Nominees and family-sponsored categories for U.S. citizens to choose from if hoping to take a staycation in Canada during the next president’s tenure in office.

Regardless of the outcome of Election Day in the United States, Canada may not exactly be the political safe haven disgruntled voters expect it to be. For those who rejected Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party over key issues like President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the country’s free universal healthcare policy certainly wouldn’t be in line with their current ideologies.

Moreover, the large majority of Americans may wish to hold onto their lifelong favorite snacks and avoid some of Canada's acquired tastes, like messy poutine fries drizzled in gravy, regardless of their voting bloc.

Perhaps weathering the storm is the most likely outcome for those frustrated voters searching for possible exit strategies in the case of a presidential upset. Google saw a similar surge in searches on how to move north after Bush was announced the winner of the presidential election in 2004 – the biggest increase in the search before this year’s Super Tuesday. But, alas, life went on for those constituents, the large majority of whom toughed it out during Bush’s second stay in the White House.

For more information on moving to Canada, check out the country’s immigration site