Find out here how much Apple's new iPad Costs. With prices beginning at $499, the newest tablet on the market is offered at a wide range of price points.

Apple's new iPad, which will hit stores March 16 and is already available for pre-order, starts at $499 for a 16-GB version without 4G compatibility, and caps out at $829 for the 64-GB, 4G model.

But in between there are a number of other prices for the mid-range models. Non-4G models will be available for $599 for the 32-GB version, and $699 for the 64-GB model. An 4G models go for $629 for the 16-GB version, and $729 for the 32-GB iteration.

Just how much Apple's new iPad would cost has been a hot topic of debate in recent weeks, and these prices seem to fall in the range people were expecting.

And though the price points on the new iPad are pretty prohibitive to many consumers, the iPad 2 has all of a sudden become a less-sought-after commodity, and its price has been slashed from its high of $499 for a 16-GB model without 3G capability to $399, and a reduced new price of $529 for the 16-GB model with 3G.

The original iPad could now be available for as low as $249, though that price has not been announced yet.

On Wednesday, Apple also unveiled a new version of its popular Apple TV device for the low price of $99. The new Apple TV will be able to connect to the Apple iPhone 4S using iCloud. Apple TV will also be available starting March 16.