You really want a Samsung Galaxy S6, but you're stuck in the middle of your Verizon contract? Not to worry: Verizon is offering “loyal customers” an opportunity to upgrade early to the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge through its Edge program.

Verizon is texting eligible customers with details about the deal, according to tech publication SamMobile. “A special EARLY upgrade offer for our loyal customers: For a limited time, get the new Samsung Galaxy S6 with Verizon Edge when you trade in your current smartphone,” the text reads.

Customers can take advantage of the deal by going to a Verizon Wireless retail store or by shopping online at But before you go running to purchase your new Galaxy S6, take a moment to consider the stipulations of this deal.

First, customers should be aware the offer will be available only for a limited time. Verizon has not indicated how long the offer will be around.

Customers must also be at least 12 months into their current contract to take advantage of the early upgrade. As mentioned, the deal requires customers to trade in their current smartphones to receive a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge model.

The offer is available only for Verizon’s "Early Edge" plan, which requires customers to upgrade their devices after 12 months. This means customers will be up for another upgrade in April 2016, say, around the time the Samsung Galaxy S7 releases.

Finally, while there is no upfront device fee involved with Verizon’s Edge program, customers are charged an activation fee of $40.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 starts at $24.99 per month, and the Galaxy S6 Edge starts at $29.16 per month. Both are for 24 months.