Just when you thought you'd never hear the words HP TouchPad ever again, the miniature version of the tablet computer that drove the market insane when it went on sale for $99 has emerged: the HP TouchPad Go.

webOS Nation got its hands on one of the very few 7-inch TouchPad Go's and was the first and most likely the last to review the tablet computer. webOS Nation said the Go is simply just a smaller version of the TouchPad, though it has a 1023 x 768 resolution and runs on webOS.

The Go also has a removable cover with soft-touch coating which minimizing fingerprints on the 7-inch screen. In addition the tablet computer has a removable battery, 32GB of storage, a 3G radio and a five-megapixel camera and LED flash.

Don't get too excited; While many wonder if the smaller device will go on sale for $99 like it's larger predecessor, many believe it will actually never go on sale. The Verge reported that the Go will most likely never make its way to the shelves at major retailers like Best Buy or Staples as HP terminated production on all webOS devices earlier this year.

However, according to The Verge, a pre-release model of the HP TouchPad Go was listed for sale on eBay earlier in December for $700.

HP designed the TouchPad Go around the same time as the larger model, but it failed to reach production stages when the company decided to kill off all devices running on the doomed webOS.

With the decision to clear out remaining stockpiled inventory, HP unleashed the first round of its TouchPad sale, selling the stockpiled tablet at $99, killed just two and a half months after its release. However, the sale created a demand with consumers for a heavily discounted tablet, prompting addition rounds of the fire sale, most recently early in Dec. with a one day sale revival which left many customers mad and without a TouchPad.