The 12MP UltraPixel camera unit of the HTC 10 (HTC One M10) smartphone is one of the killer features of the latest flagship from the Taiwanese tech giant. To top it off, the selfie-clicker at the front supports OIS, which makes HTC 10 the “world’s first OIS selfie camera.”

Leaving the camera configurations aside, Phone Arena has discovered several key HTC 10 features. As it turns out, this smartphone’s audio prowess has not been explored until now.

The HTC 10 comes bundled with two BoomSound speakers, similar to the Huawei P9 Plus. This phone reportedly has a tweeter on top, which doubles as an earpiece, along with a woofer at the bottom for base surround sound.

Furthermore, the HTC 10's headphone amp reportedly guarantees stronger audio output when compared to any other Android phone. There is also a dedicated DAC, along with the ability to upscale to 24bit audio.

The HTC 10 also comes with a brand new set of “high-res” earphones as part of the device bundle. These earphones feature “an 8µm thin aerospace-grade polymer diaphragm and 70% oversized drivers to pump out richer sound across twice the frequency range.” All these sound-related optimizations are likely to guarantee a brilliant audio experience to HTC 10 owners.

HTC earplug_04 HTC 10's high-res earplugs. Photo: HTC

Although the device bundle varies from region to region, HTC reportedly confirmed the U.S. bundle specific to the unlocked HTC 10 includes the high-res earphone. In case potential buyers are planning to purchase the device from carriers, only the regular earphones will be offered.

The HTC 10 can now be preordered in the U.S. for $699 with the shipping date set for early May. Buyers can use promo code “HTC1008” on HTC’s website to get $100 off on the new flagship. However, this is just a limited period offer.