Just a few days away, you'll be able to indulge your Facebook addiction without going bankrupt. The HTC Status, or the Facebook phone, will be available via Best Buy stores and online on July 17 for $49.99 with a two-year contract. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

The Facebook phone is a small Android 2.3.3-based smartphone with a Facebook logo button at the bottom of the keypad. Pressing this button will update your Facebook wall with messages, photos, and links.

The phone features a 5-megapixel, rear-facing camera and also a front-facing camera for Facebook's new video chatting function powered by Skype. But using the video chatting function will requrie a Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook integration goes deeper than just a button on the keypad. When a friend calls, you'll immediately see their latest status updates. The phone also pushes out Facebook chat and email messsages alongside regular email and text messages. The interface also has a Facebook chat widget that shows who's online, and you can start a conversation by tapping a person's name.

This is also the first HTC device in the US that comes with an enhanced version of HTC Sense UI, HTC's graphical user interface.

HTC's Facebook phone comes in black, silver, pink and blue, but Best Buy offers an exclusive mauve color.