HTC has confirmed the HTC Thunderbolt and Droid Incredible 2 will both be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update, a move sure to please many Verizon customers. It had been announced on an HTC Facebook Page there would be updates to several other devices, but the above two were not mentioned. A new HTC Ice Cream Sandwich Updates: The North American Edition Facbook Page now includes confirmation of Android 4.0 updates coming to the HTC Rhyme, also on Verizon. Though news of Android 4.0 updates is slowly leaking out from HTC and, most recently, Motorola, it's the U.S. carriers who ultimately hold the keys to software updates.

While Google may have given the okay to update scores of devices from Samsung, Motorola and HTC, it's then up the manufacturers to give the okay before the carriers ultimately sign off. In HTC's case, it's now announced updates for devices on all three of the largest U.S. carriers except AT&T. There's been no timeline given for the Verizon updates, however, so this is just a heads up from HTC the listed devices will in fact get the update. Motorola Verizon phone owners are in the same boat, however, as the Driod Razr Maxx and Droid Bionic have not gotten any official Android 4.0 confirmation either. That they are newer devices than the Thunderbolt or Droid Incredible 2 only adds to the mystery of why certain devices get updated when.

It could be a few more months before any smartphones get the update, as only two devices have gotten any timeline at all from any of the major Android manufacturers. So far, by our count, only the Photon 4G on Sprint and the Atrix 2 on AT&T have a time-frame given, and that is not until July at the earliest. Of course, that doesn't include the Galaxy Nexus that debuted the new system, or the Nexus S, the only smartphone that's gotten an official OTA update so far. Both the Droid Incredbile 2 and Thunderbolst are $100 on contract from Verizon. Tell us in the comments if this move by HTC is a surprise or if you're a Thunderbolt or Droid Incredible 2 owner.