The Boxee and Hulu drama seems to have been reignited today.

Just last month, Boxee, a free video service that links in a wide variety of video from the Internet and presents it in a format that is easily viewed on a television screen, attracted attention Hulu told them to stop using their content which Boxee complied.

The joint owners of Hulu, NBC and Fox, were said to be concerned that people were using Boxee to watch Internet video and ads on TVs, as opposed to watching the same programs on their site which has more advertising or via their broadcast, cable and satellite networks.

Boxee said on their official blog that it's releasing a new version of its program that will allow users to access to content using a built-in RSS reader optimized for video. The RSS reader supports Google Video, Yahoo!, YouTube and feeds from other websites.

While it’s not as attractive or robust as our previous Hulu application, it will additionally support Hulu’s public RSS feeds, Boxee wrote. A more stable update will be released March 24.

It's too early to tell if the new version offers viewers a pleasant user experience.

However, if the networks find this latest move threatening, Hulu may try to block this feature too.

Boxee also announced that it will enter the video application market and plans to launch its own version of an app store dubbed “App Box” that will make it easier for users to install new applications and plugins.