Hundreds of products made illegally out of Orangutan, lion and bear skulls and skins were seized from a property in Sydney, when a raid was carried out by the Australian Environment Department on Thursday.

Around 400 trove of wild animals were seized by the department. Among the seized items there were skins of lynx (Alaskan wolf), number of skulls and pieces of ivory.

No charges have been laid so far.

"Operation Bonaparte is one of the largest wildlife seizures in Australia, and follows detailed monitoring and investigative work by departmental officers," department spokeswoman Deb Callister said, reported AFP.

Trading of many items in the property is strictly regulated under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. a person can be subjected to up to 10 years imprisonment for such offences.

On Wednesday, a house raid in the suburb of Parramatta had led to the discovery of a variety of weapons, including two walking canes containing hidden swords, flick knives and cross bows.