Hundreds of armed militants from Afghanistan crossed the border into Pakistan and attacked a village and security forces in the northwest tribal area, according to Pakistani officials.

At least five civilians were killed in the assault which targeted the village of Mamond in the Bajaur district, which borders the Afghan province of Kunar.

The attack took place despite the formidable presence of Pakistani security checkpoints.

“Some 250-300 militants targeted civilians in Mamond. At least five civilians, including two women were killed,” local official Fazle Akbar told Agence France Presse (AFP).

Three women were also wounded in the attack.

It ios unclear which terrorist group the attacking militants were affiliated with.

Another Pakistani security official told AFP: “We have sent army and paramilitary troops to the area as we got reports that militants are still present there. Some militants were also killed when troops in the area responded, but we do not know the number of casualties yet.”

Separately, according to Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, a bomb attack wounded security forces in the Upper Orakzai Agency, also near the border with Afghanistan. The bomb was reportedly detonated by a remote-controlled device.

The attacks continue a seemingly endless series of attacks on Pakistani government forces and civilians by Islamic militants. More the 4000 people have been killed by extremists over the past four years, according to reports.