The powerful hurricane, Irene, has started showing its first impact on the people. At Palm Beach County, it washed away beach sand and victimized swimmers and surfers.

At least eight people got hurt and and a near-drowning scenario took place when the ocean bed got churned up by the outer bands of Hurricane Irene in South Florida.

Palm Beach County officials say eight people were out on a jetty off Boynton Beach Inlet when a wave knocked them off. While one person had to be taken to the hospital, seven could be treated at the scene, The Associated Press reported.

A 27-year-old man who was swimming in the ocean could not be traced immediately and was feared drowned. But he could soon make it to the shore, officials said.

The National Hurricane Center has warned about the rough seas from strong northerly winds on the west side of the hurricane.

A 53 mph gust in West Palm Beach was recorded by the meteorologists and people have been warned by officials to stay away from the ocean.

The eight people injured at the Boynton Inlet were teenagers standing on the jetty and staring at the waves, said Alberto Iriban, 40, who was surfing at the time, according to the Palmbeach Post report.