Hurricane Irene is barreling down New York, prompting Mayor Michael Bloomberg to declare the city's first ever mass mandatory evacuation on some areas.

Bloomberg said residents in Zone A need to be out by Saturday at 5 p.m. However, practically speaking, Zone A residents need to get moving by Saturday morning because the coming winds may make traveling difficult by the afternoon and New York's entire mass transit system will shut down by noon.

Hurricane Irene is expected to impact New York on Saturday, with the worst conditions...likely late Saturday night into Sunday afternoon, stated the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Bloomberg suggested that Zone A residents stay with friends and family in 'no zone' areas. However, if that's not possible, New York City has opened up 91 public shelters for evacuees.

While we safely wait for this anticipated storm, social media sites become the place to pass the time. Celebrities across the country have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on Hurricane Irene.

Lady Gaga: Thinking of NY during this hurricane, You and I are forever. Strongest place I know. Home.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi: I hope our shore house doesn't blow away :(

Queen Latifah: Be safe out there! Don't take chances with Irene!

Katie Couric: Preparing for #Irene! Went to drugstore at 7:30 and no flashlights! Arrrgh! Will try later...

Kirstie Alley: If you find the need to evacuate for the impending Irene..PLEASE take your pets......and of course your kids....LEAVE bad lovers behind..;)

Alec Baldwin: Is the storm coming here? IS THE STORM COMING HERE?!?! AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! and ...I have water, batteries, a scrabble dictionary, peanut M&Ms, a copy of Decision Points and a Thigh Master. and  I wait for some news Evacuation won't do Irene, you fierce b****.

Elizabeth Banks: Everybody in the hurricane, be safe. Everybody else, let your worry about the hurricane fade away while seeing #OurIdiotBrother tonight!

Goldie Hawn: Thinking of you all who are weathering the hurricane on the east coast! Take good care.

Diddy: i pray everyone on the east coast is safe this weekend!!!

Katy Perry: I I captain! RT @greg_wells: batten down the hatches! To all my east coast friends... be safe this weekend.