An Australia-based startup, called Hustle, has created a smart bag, which can charge any smartphone while the user is on the road.

The Hustle Bag, created by -- Lisa and John Winters -- a husband-and-wife team, can power a smartphone up to four times a day, from 0 percent to 100 percent. The product line includes a range of bags and wallets that are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG and many more smartphone brands.

“Basically all one has to do to recharge the bag or wallet is place them on the charge pad. It really is that simple,” the company release said.

The Hustle Bag is fitted with a micro USB connection plus a snap-on connector for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and a lightning connector for the iPhone 5. There is also a USB port on the Hustle Charge Pad, so that users can use their existing USB cable to charge the phone and the Hustle Bag simultaneously.


For women, the Hustle Bag is small enough to fit inside a bigger, everyday handbag. It is also available in a bigger size to be carried on its own as a clutch or cross-body bag. For men, Hustle Bag is available as a wallet to hold cards, cash and travel documents, other than powering a smartphone.

The Hustle Bag is created by combining wireless induction-charging technology with lithium-polymer power. It incorporates an ultra-thin, 9mm thick 4250mAh battery, coupled with a smart battery monitor, which can alert the user when the bag's battery is running low.

Hustle has used Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding platform, as a launchpad and fundraiser for the Hustle Bag. Following the Indiegogo campaign, which is offering Hustle Bag products with a 50 percent discount until August 11, all products will be available at retail prices.

The Hustle Bag in leather will retail at $249, while the Hustle Clutch in faux leather will sell for $199. The Hustle Wallet in leather is priced at $229.