Reality star Rob Kardashian may have been elusive to the cameras in recent years, but he made his presence felt during Sunday’s premiere of “I Am Cait.” Kardashian’s phone call to Caitlyn Jenner was documented in the show. He called to praise Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair cover, which was released in June.

“Your cover looks amazing. You look amazing, everything,” Kardashian said. He was on the phone with Jenner as she was getting her hair and makeup done by her “glam squad.” Kardashian was talking about the Vanity Fair cover in which Jenner revealed her true self to the public.

Following Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer in April, she was still known as Bruce and used male pronouns even though he had declared he identified as a woman.

On June 1, more than a month after the Sawyer interview aired, the Vanity Fair cover came out, in which Jenner declared: “Call me Caitlyn.” In a short clip shared by E! Online, Kardashian reached out to Jenner to express his support. Also in the clip from “I Am Cait,” Jenner was seen listening to a news anchor talk about Khloe Kardashian’s supportive tweet.

Apart from Rob Kardashian and Khloe, Jenner’s other stepchild, Kim Kardashian, phoned the day of the magazine cover’s release. “You didn’t tell me you are on Twitter!” Kim Kardashian said. Jenner then told her she had only been on the microblogging site for an hour.

Kim Kardashian then told Jenner she received word Jenner’s account could break President Obama’s record as the fastest growing Twitter account. Obama was able to gather 1 million followers within five hours. Jenner did that in four hours.

The premiere episode of “I Am Cait” showed a lot of things from the first few weeks of Jenner’s transition. She publicly admitted she is transgender and expressed her desire to help others in a similar situation. The eight-part docu-series is part of that goal.

“I Am Cait” airs every Sunday at 8 pm EDT on E!.