Internet memes have a tendency to go viral on Twitter, and now the social site has added its very own languge to accomodate the craze. Users now have the option to change their language to "LOLCAT," a dialect derived from the popular internet meme of the same name.

To welcome the new launguage option, the popular microblogging website tweeted the following on Friday: "Happeh Fridai! U can nao change ur language 2 lolcat in Settings. Hope u liek it." 

The changes may seem minimal, but those familiar with the famous Internet meme will understand exactly why "Twitter" is now spelled "TWTTR" and "Compose new tweet" has become "COMPOZE NEW TWEET." 

These "LOLCAT" translations are the result of a crowdsourced project started by Twitter, and are subject to change based on user votes. This means that Twitter patrons can select certain phrases and offer up their own "LOLCAT" translation, and the social media site's community can vote on which one they prefer. 


Twitter isn’t the first site to add a language option for laughs, as it now follows the likes of Facebook when it comes to offering humorous translations. Facebook previously added PirateLeet Speak and English (Upside Down) to their languages options, although Facebook may have had some controversies with Leet Speak. In January 2012, Facebook came under fire when the word "female" was changed to "sandwich maker" in the Leet Speak language option. 

This is just one of the many features Twitter has introduced recently. The social media site launched a revamped search engine that lets users find older tweets and an updated mobile app for Android and iOS with a new Discover tab.  

The new "LOLCAT" language may be amusing for some, but Twitter continues to face some glaring issues that should rank higher in priority. For example, their OS X app still can't function properly on Retina Macbook computers.