Russell Wilson has yet to get a long-term contract extension from the Seattle Seahawks, but the star quarterback said he’s ready for any change that comes his way -- even the possibility that he'll play for another NFL franchise. Wilson -- who played college football at North Carolina State and then Wisconsin -- said in a radio interview that he still hopes to re-sign with Seattle, but is ready to move on if a deal can't be reached.

"At the end of the day I trust the process," Wilson told WRAL radio in Raleigh, North Carolina. "I know God's going to take me and put me where he wants to have me. I hope that's Seattle. I love it there, it's a great place. But I've gone through the ups and downs and been moved around before. I loved NC State and loved playing there and then having to go somewhere else and start new.”

Wilson has stated in recent weeks that he’s ready to play for the Seahawks and help the team get back to the Super Bowl even without a new contract extension. He also got an insurance policy in case he gets injured during the 2015 NFL season. With Wilson under center the past two years, the Seahawks made back-to-back Super Bowl appearances in 2014 and 2015.

Wilson is set to be paid just under $3 million for 2015 in his current contract with the Seahawks. The 26-year-old QB is reportedly demanding around $15 million to $20 million per season, similar to the other top QBs in the league.