After causing an uproar after her guest stint on National Public Radio (NPR), Kim Kardashian West has now caused another division among members of the prestigious Commonwealth Club of California. The reality star was invited to speak about the objectification of women in media, among other topics, on Tuesday night. Her appearance at the public affairs forum has caused some major debate.

"THIS IS REVOLTING!! Thought the Commonwealth Club stood for intelligent conversation, not this disgusting bit of trash,'' read one comment on the Commonwealth Club’s official Facebook page. Another member wrote: "To think that this place hosted the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and has downgraded to this joke. I weep for humanity."

Nevertheless, not all the members were disappointed with Kardashian West’s appearance. San Francisco's KRON-TV reported that hundreds of fans lined up outside the city's Castro Theatre in hopes of attending the event. The lines started building up as early as noon even though Kardashian West’s appearance wasn’t scheduled until 8 p.m.

Kardaahian was invited to speak by InForum, a division of the Commonwealth Club. Group Director Caroline Moriarty Sacks spoke to Voice of America and defended the choice. She said that Kardashian West is a worthy guest for the prestigious forum because of "what she is doing in terms of business and social media and the way she makes us question our understanding of modern feminism, for better or for worse.''

Voice of America also reported that just hours before the event, approximately 1,200 tickets had already been sold. Typically, InForum speakers draw an average of about 250 people, with more popular guests drawing up to 700 -- barely half of Kardashian West’s audience.

Sacks said the debate that Kardashian West’s appearance has stirred is good for the club. She thinks it is a good thing that members got fired up and care so much about the guests who are invited. In the club’s 112 years of existence, guest speakers have included the likes of King, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.