Khloe Kardashian had an action-packed birthday weekend. She got into a physical altercation with her best friend Malika Haqq, with the whole thing documented by her stepsister Kylie Jenner. The horseplay was for fun, but Khloe really got her hands on her much smaller friend.

Khloe spent Saturday evening in a bowling alley to celebrate her 31st birthday. Her sisters Kylie and Kourtney were present, as were friends such as Malika and her sister Khadija. Kourtney’s son Mason was also there and Khloe posted fairly tame and happy photos from the event. However, Kylie gave fans a small look into the rowdiness that took place.

E! Online shared a series of snapchat videos showing Kylie’s play-by-play documentation of the mock fight. In the first video, Khloe is seen elbowing her way past Malika’s sister Khadija, as Khloe she chased down Malika.

In the second video, Khloe got her hands on Malika and attempted to wrestle her to the ground. Khadija is seen in another clip trying to get Khloe off her sister amid shrieks and screams. Khadija continued to try to contain Khloe who looked determined to put her hands on Malika.

Khloe finally got what she wanted and put Malika in a chokehold. Malika kept screaming but had a wide grin on her face. Khadija had clearly given up trying to stop Khloe and just started shouting "Happy birthday!"

In the end, Khadija went on camera to say it was all just a joke. Khloe went on Twitter to express her gratitude to the people who made her birthday fun.