IBM is a greener company than Office Depot, Hewlett-Packard, and Disney, according to Newsweek's 2011 Green Rankings.

Newsweek ranked the 500 greenest U.S. companies and the 500 greenest global companies.

Newsweek said it cut through the green chatter and teamed up with environmental research organizations Trucost and Sustainalytics as part of analyzing the companies.

Technology dominated the top-10 list for U.S., while several energy companies could be found toward the bottom.

Office Depot is the only retailer in the top 10, while Johnson & Johnson and Baxter are the only healthcare companies in the top 10.

Various industries could be found in the middle of the U.S. rankings, including Petsmart (#304), McDonald's (#294), and Estee Lauder (#250).

IBM came in second on the global list, usurped by German financial company Munich Re, while National Australia Bank came in third.

At the bottom of the global list is Wilmar International Limited, an Asian agribusiness group based in Singapore.

We are committed to managing land and plantations in a way that keeps illegal logging, forest fires and poor farming practices at bay, the company says on its Web site in the section Environmental Stewardship. We are also determined to increase environmental productivity, from land delineated for agricultural and conservation purposes to resource management.