On Wednesday IBM Corp announced that it will make up to $3 billion to finance smart infrastructure projects in Europe and Asia The announcement follows the announcement made by the company last April 30 for the availability of up to $2 billion to help jump start US economic stimulus programs.

Through IBM Global Financing, IBM’s lending and leasing business, the firm will put $2b to finance Europe and $1b for Asia Pasicific Region. Additionally, IBM said that it will also flex its North American coverage to include financing for smart technology projects in Canada.

“While the various stimulus packages in different countries were designed to keep their own economies on track, it is as joined economies that we can rise from this global downturn together, said John Callies, General Manager of IBM Global Financing. In this context, IBM Global Financing is extending its stimulus financing program to countries in Europe and Asia-Pacific to help global recovery.”

The IBM Global Financing stimulus financing will mainly focus on enterprises and municipalities trying to implement technology projects consisting of a majority portion of IBM hardware, software and technology services components but initiatives was not only available for IBM products and services, its also available to others where they are part of projects in which the firm's technology is involved.

All in all, IBM Global Financing has a total of $36 billion worldwide assets.