Android smartphone owners are anticipating the release of the next Ice Cream Sandwich operating-system update, which will boast more efficient phone-number recognition and smoother screen rotation, among other features.

While a few devices have already begun running the upgrade, many gadgets -- such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 -- are still waiting. However, a recent leak could let Motorola Doid Razr owners preview the operating system before its official launch.

Motorola will be choosing some users to try out the software before its release, but for those not in the small group of testers, a leak has just surfaced, reported Android Community.

A moderator in the XDA developers forum known as yalkowni posted a guide showing users how to trick their phones into running the new update. According to the guide, a nonmarket application called cheesecake assists users in pulling the upgrade directly from Motorola's servers.

However, it may be worth it to run on Gingerbread for a little longer and install the update when it is officially released. Chances are, if the newest Ice Cream Sandwich hasn't been launched yet, there's a good reason.

To be blunt, this method does not inspire confidence, wrote Android Community's Michael Crider. Though other leaks of the Android 4.0 build for the Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx have been released, there appear to be critical flaws with all of them.

The XDA developers forum posting takes users through a 16-step process, listing each installation and backup root required to leak the update. But the guide is prefaced with I AM NOT LIABLE FORR ANYTHING, putting the reader at risk if he or she decides to pursue the process.

And the wait may not be too long, anyway, with the operating system having begun its UK rollout at the end of last month. Google also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be receiving the update soon.

The anticipated software made the Galaxy Nexus one of the most popular smartphones of last year, and this new update could create some stiff competition for Apple's coming iPhone 5 and its rumored iOS 6.