If China Bans Musicians Without College Degrees, Who Would Make The Cut?

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  • John Legend
    R&B/soul veteran John Legend received a bachelor’s in English from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999. Reuters
  • Garth Brooks
    Garth Brooks earned a degree in Advertising from Oklahoma State University in 1984 and earned an MBA from the school in 2011. Reuters
  • Carrie Underwood
    Carrie Underwood holds a bachelor’s in mass communication from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. The Grammy-winning country star completed her degree in 2006 prior to auditioning for “American Idol.” Reuters
  • Kenny Chesney
    In 1999, country crooner Kenny Chesney earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising from East Tennessee State University. Reuters
  • Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
    Art Garfunkel received a bachelor’s in Art History from Columbia University in 1962 while Paul Simon earned a bachelor’s in English literature from New York’s Queen’s College in 1963. Garfunkel went on to complete a Masters in Mathematics. Reuters
  • Ludacris
    In 1998, rapper Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges received a bachelor’s in Music Business from Georgia State University. Reuters
  • Most of the Members of Coldplay
    Coldplay frontman Chris Martin earned a degree in Ancient World Studies from University College London in 1998. While studying at the school, Martin met band mates Will Champion, Jonny Buckland, and Guy Berryman. Champion received a degree in Anthropology while Buckland received one in Mathematics. Berryman did not graduate. Reuters
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 Chinese authorities are considering a new policy that will prohibit any musician without a college degree from performing in the country. According to The Guardian, the decision emerged after Elton John dedicated a performance to controversial artist Ai Weiwei in November.

China’s culture minister, Cai Wu has purportedly demanded that only foreign artists that hold a degree be allowed to perform concerts.

In a logical leap that we don't fully understand, the dedication has prompted Chinse agencies to "further hesitate in future when they invite foreign artists," the state-run Chinese newspaper the Global Times said in an editorial. According to the Guardian, John's endorsement of the controversial artist directly led to the Chinese culture minister's demand that all forgeign artist must have university degrees in order to be invited to perform in China.

Though we are hoping such a ridiculous prohibition could not possibly become a reality, we hit the books to find out what U.S. recording artists would make the cut.

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