Iggy Azalea is breaking her silence after a video surfaced of her fiancé, Nick Young. The clip, shot by Los Angeles Lakers player D’Angelo Russell, is said to contain proof that the shooting guard was unfaithful to his soon-to-be wife in 2015. Azalea, 25, did not comment on her fiancé’s alleged infidelity, but it’s clear she saw the video.

The “Fancy” rapper appeared on Twitter Wednesday morning to address the drama, thanking Russell, 19, for the footage. She joked that she’d seen his name trending and decided to get in on the action. Azalea added that she was a big fan of “his film,” referencing the now-infamous video. While the Australian-born musician has chosen to tackle the drama head-on, her fiancé has remained silent on the matter.

While the video leaves many questioning the fate of Azalea and Young’s relationship, it's also sowing uncertainty about Russell’s future with the Lakers. It's not clear how the video went public, but it seems it's creating mistrust between Russell and his teammates. According to a report from ESPN, there is significant tension in the locker room, which is contributing to poor performance on the court. Russell is reportedly being isolated following the incident.

“This was a prank gone wrong and a mistake by [Russell], and he has to be held accountable, but I would hope he isn’t overly criticized for it,” an insider said.

The video in question began gaining traction on Tuesday. According to the Los Angeles Times, it shows Russell and Young, 30, engaging in a conversation about female conquests. Young can be heard discussing the age of a young woman he claims to have had some sort of relationship with after meeting her in a nightclub the previous summer. Russell clarifies her age once more, asking, “you was 30 and she was 19?” He can then be heard asking Young about Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa’s former wife. Young claims that he could not be involved with her because “she knows my girl.”

Neither Russell nor Young have spoken out about the incriminating video. It remains unclear how the video will effect Azalea and Young's relationship. The pair postponed their wedding on March 18 due to the "Team" rapper's hectic schedule — but could a cancellation be on the horizon?