Nine artists remain on “Ink Master” Season 6, and things are starting to get even more intense. With all the contestants fighting it out for the $100,000 grand prize, the judges -- Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck -- are not holding back their harsh critiques.

Marisa was eliminated in episode 9, and Tyler is still on thin ice thanks to his big mouth. His mentor, Chris, warns him to take control again or risk getting sent home. As Chris tells the cameras, Tyler’s habit of “running his mouth” is why the two stopped working together to begin with. So, can Tyler redeem himself in episode 10? Or will his hot head get him sent to the bottom again?

With his “distraction” (aka Marisa) gone, Tyler has a chance to take the lead during the flash challenge and gain the advantage for the elimination tattoo. This week, the judges are testing the contestants on artistry and the contestants must paint a custom design onto a Dodge Challenger. The twist is that they have to work in teams of three.

Since Chris won the elimination challenge last week, he has the opportunity to form the teams. Chris decides to collaborate with Craig and Erik. He places Duffy, Kruseman and Katy on the second team, and Matt, Tyler and Dave on the third team.

Duffy, Kruseman and Katy hatch a good “muscle car” idea, however, judge Chris Nunez doesn’t like their decision to go with a white shadow. Meanwhile, Matt, Tyler and Dave get praise for their military concept and their teamwork. But it’s Chris, Craig and Erik who really knock it out of the park. The judges are impressed with their artistry, and ultimately give them the win. The three now have the opportunity to assign all the human canvases during the elimination tattoo.

Chris, Craig and Erik sit down before the elimination tattoo to discuss the skull picks. Craig wants to give Dave a tough one, but Dave falls under Chris’ “umbrella.” To compromise, Chris promises to look away if Craig lets him give Katy a bad human canvas.

Tattoo artist Rose Hardy joins Dave, Chris and Oliver as a guest judge this week. The competitors must tattoo an anatomical heart morphing into another image for the elimination challenge. As if that’s not hard enough, the artists will be split up into three groups. Each group will be tattooing the same image, meaning that one will win and two will lose. The images are a lion, clock and grenade.

Erik wants to “lay low” and let his “work speak for itself.” Meanwhile, Craig and Chris are ready to shake things up. They throw the hardest canvases at Katy and Dave, but also decide to go head to head against each other to prove who the best artist is.

So, who are the three winners? Chris comes out ahead of Craig and Duffy when it comes to the grenade morph. Katy beats out Erik and Tyler with the clock morph. And Matt pulls off the third win, beating Dave and Kruseman for the lion morph.

The judges place Dave, Duffy and Erik in the bottom three. Duffy was the human canvas jury nominee for worst tattoo of the day, but her canvas reassures her that she loves the tattoo. Although the human canvas likes it, Oliver Peck tells Duffy that her tattoo is still one of his least favorite of the day. Meanwhile, the other judges rip apart Erik for drawing a poor design. Although he's been at the top the whole competition, they warn him that he won't get to the final three if he can't draw. In the end, nothing is worse than Dave's piece. Craig gets his way, and it’s Dave who gets sent packing during episode 10 of “Ink Master.”