Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing application will be soon available for the Android fans. According to the CNET, the app is coming soon. The most amazing feature about Instagram is it is a free application, which allows the users to take the photos and they can be easily filtered. The users can enjoy the freedom of sharing the photos with their loved ones. The photos can be shared by uploading them on the well known social-networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and its own network.

Till now, Instagram was available for the iOS devices, like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which are running on the iOS 3.1.2 version or above. But now it is the celebration time for all the Android users. According to TechCrunch  the amazing photo-sharing app has exceeded 27 million registered users. The application, which will be released soon to Android users, was shown off in brief.

However, the app was still not ready for user demonstration. Perhaps it is being tested in beta. Co-founder Kevin Systrom promised that the application is really going to be worth the wait and in some ways it is better than the existing iOS app. The Instagram is expected to be seen in the Google Play (which replaces Android Market) very soon.

Undeniably Instagram is the most popular app and was voted as the iPhone App of the year in 2011. Hence it will catch the attention of million more Android fans.