After taking a tip from other popular social media platforms like Facebook and specifically Twitter, Instagram announced Thursday that it launched a direct messaging feature called "Instagram Direct." The feature allows members to send private photos or videos without others seeing them.

"Sometimes you want to be able to share not with everyone, but just a specific group," Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said at the company's announcement in New York via CNN.

The photo-sharing app, which is now owned by social media giant Facebook, now has a new tab called “direct,” which can allow up to 15 friends to view and comment about a specific private photo. Members, however, can opt to have a conversation with just one person if desired.

Like with SnapChat, members will know when their followers have viewed the photo. They’ll also be able to talk about the picture in real time, CNN said. "It's like you're gathering people around a photo or moment and being able to have a conversation around them," the site quoted Systrom.

Twitter was abuzz with the launch of the new feature. Many joked that it made cheating easier for people in relationships -- that some girlfriends would now be constantly checking their boyfriends’ IG DMs to make sure no funny business is going on. Others poked fun at one user who tried to send the same message to a few different women, but didn’t realize all the different users could see he was sending them all the same thing. There were even a few different vulgar posts. Even though IG DM is brand spanking new, some Twitterati claimed that female members can already send nude pictures through the new IG DM feature. Check out some of their posts below:

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