Intel Corp, which is the world's largest chipmaker, has announced a partnership with Google Inc. for optimizing mobile phone and tablet processors which are running on the Android system.

Intel and Google have issued a joint statement which stresses their commitment to working together in the mobile space.

As per this partnership, Intel has come up with Medfield, an Atom chip for smartphones and tablets.

It will be one of Intel's most power-efficient chip designs. It has a single processing core and is going to be available in devices in the first half of 2012. A Medfield-based Android tablet was shown in the Intel Development Forum.

An Atom CPU is extremely practical for mainstream smartphones. However, Intel has had to struggle in the past in delivering.

All versions of the Android operating system will be tailored by Google ensuring that they run well on the Intel technology. This was reported by Google Senior Vice President, Andy Rubin, during a presentation in San Francisco. In the joint statement, Rubin stressed the importance of Intel's smartphone roadmap.

There has been an increase on the demand for mobile phone and tablet computers. Also Google has been tying up with manufacturers in an attempt to push its Android operating system.

Currently, the world's leading operating system for smartphones is Android.

One object of the present partnership is to give Intel more access to one of the industry's fastest-growing segments.