International Center Of Photography Features WeeGee, The Father Of Tabloid Coverage

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If looking at glossy magazine shots of the Empire State and Brooklyn Bridge is not your thing; then dig a little deeper into the unedited side of New York City, and add the International Center of Photography to your secret New York Noir lust-list.

There is a whole new layer hiding underneath the sparkling overcoat of towers, lights and irreplaceable landmarks that we all know and love. There's history, raw culture and alternative arts made by great minds. So, what are you waiting for? Forget the generic guide; grab your Fedora and travel down to ICP to explore what New York City really means. You'll have your heart stolen (and for all the right reasons...)

The Works of WeeGee- New York City in stills, and not a sparkle in sight...

Whether you are a journalist or you simply read New York Post on your commute to the office-nineteenth century photographer/ journalist WeeGee is sure to be on the same wave length as you. The WeeGee: Murder is My Business exhibition includes a mix of raw imagery, crimes and news reports of the time; resulting in a truly graphic collection of photographs which pride themselves on being unshakable from the mind. Many of WeeGee's images, such as the Naked City, which is displayed at the center's museum in all its frightening glory-once inspired the early tabloid newspapers and are partly responsible for making tabloid journalism what it is today!

Nineteen Fifties Heroines Live On in WeeGee's World...

Even if you're not a news buff, there is still plenty to love about WeeGee's collections. Have you ever seen classic images presented in anyway other than in black and white, or on canvas? Well, in the WeeGee's World: Distortion exhibition, you will see prints (such as Audrey Hepburn and the Mona Lisa) which have been twisted by old-school darkroom effects, snapped by playful camera lenses and burnt by naked flames. The best ones on display are of 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe-with her supersize pout and pre-digitally streamlined legs; you will never think of her in the same way again!

Discover Thousands of Original War Prints in The Photography Collection...

If you are into history, then chances are that you will love The Photography Collection at the museum; it holds thousands of vintage images taken by major photographers and photojournalists from around the world- and still on their original slides! Among the best is a collection by Hungarian combat photojournalist Robert Capa; it contains the exact envelopes that were written on during the five wars he covered and documented throughout the 1940s. As well as featuring an impressive amount of artists from as early as the 1930-1960s period; The Photography Collection also keeps back copies of famous publications such as French born weekly, 'Vu' (from the 1920s), and American born 'Life magazine', (from the 1880s) of which the Naked City star WeeGee contributed to.

Historians, Politicians and Kindergarten Kids alike will love to see presidents in frills and bows...

If you are looking to visit New York around the summer months, then now is a great time to consider the International Center of photography's upcoming exhibitions. From May 18th- September 2nd, you will be able to catch Presidents in Petticoats: Civil War Propaganda in Photographs -- an amusing collection of images from the late 1800s, which present the story of President Jefferson Davies and the allegations that arose after he was caught fleeing a camp in Georgia... unintentionally dressed in his wife's overcoat! The exhibition is deeply informative, yet still manages to stay light-hearted and whimsical; a winner in the eyes of politicians, historians and kindergarten kids alike!

Make Your Visit End on a High Note with the Great Performances Café

Eyes tired? Tummy rumbling? Then why not head down to the Great Performances Café in the International Center of Photography's museum, for a delicious coffee and some well-earned lunch? With a new set of salads, sandwiches and gourmet goodies presented each day, there will be no reason not to come back again and again. Bon Appetit!

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