Time lapses are incredibly cool to watch. In mere minutes, you can watch an entire building be erected, see fruits and vegetables decompose, or even watch a man age as the years go by. Now, a new YouTube video called Introducing... has earned more than two million hits in five days because of its incredible time lapse of a couple's journey through a nine-month pregnancy, condensed into 90 quick seconds.

The video uses stop-motion photography and video editing to tell a story over a nine-month span. In the clip, a man enters the room to see his flat-tummied beau, and magically lifts the front of her shirt with a wave of his finger. He then gets onto his knees, rubs his hands together, and kisses her stomach. He gets up, they high five, and as he leaves, she turns around to show her flat figure for the last time for a while.

Then the time lapse begins. Cats scurry around, furniture moves, and moving boxes soon enter the frame. The man then picks up his pregnant girlfriend and carries her into a new apartment, where she rolls up her shirt again and watches her belly continue to grow.

This time, as the environment around the woman moves, she stands completely still. Over the next 60 seconds, her belly continues to expand until finally, the man re-enters the frame and kisses his wife. She points twice at her watch, insinuating that it's time to have the baby.

Instead of going to the hospital to deliver the baby, however, the man gets down on his knees once more, rubs his hands again, and kisses her belly. Then suddenly, magically, her baby bump transforms into a pink newborn baby scurrying around in their arms.

A close-up of the baby then reveals her name: Amelie Amaya, our little 9 month project.

The video has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from YouTube fans, including more than 17,000 likes and 1,400 comments. This is the only video uploaded by YouTube user bornonboard, but if the couple decides to shoot a sequel for their next child, you'll have to wait at least another nine months.