iOS 5, Apple's next version of its mobile operating system is rumored to include face detection. In 2010, reported that Apple snatched up a Swedish face recognition company called Polar Rose. The Web site now reported that Apple now intends to use the software in their iOS 5 mobile operating system. 

Face recognition has already been seen in Mac's OS X Lion for the use of Photo Booth, but what makes iOS 5 unique is that Apple plans to use the face detection for various apps. reports that "Apple will open up face detection as a public developer API for iOS 5 apps," which would allow for developers to integrate the software into their iOS apps.

In June, Apple showed off a revamped version of the iOS 5, and their Web site states that it will be available this fall. iOS 5 will include a notification swipe down menu. The menu will include missed calls, mail notifications, Facebook updates, and more. 

iOS 5 will also have a place for all private subscriptions, be it for a magazine or newspaper. Subscriptions can be automatically downloaded to the home screen and be ready to read when customers wake up. iOS 5 will also incorporate offline usage so that the magazine or newspaper can be read at any time. 

iOS 5 is also going to incorporate an advanced camera system. By double clicking the home button, the camera will appear -- no passcode necessary. The volume up button will also be able to access the camera app. The camera will have an optional grid line, a pinch zoom, autofocus and auto exposure lock. Cropping, rotating, and other editing options will be available as well, including red-eye reduction. 

Here are some highlighted changes to iOS 5:

Notification Center: 'All your alerts in one place.'

iMessage: 'iPad, iPod, iPhone in conversation' -- Unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or 3G from iPad, iPhone, or iPod to anyone with these devices. 

Newsstand: 'Custom newsstand for all subscriptions.'

Reminders: A 'jot it down' reminder to-do list.

Twitter: Integrated into iOS 5 to make tweeting easier from iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Camera: Faster picture taking for those 'unexpected moments.'

PC Free: iOS 5 makes it no longer necessary to need a computer to own an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Activate and set up wirelessly.