2011 has been a great year for jailbreaking, with some exceptional tweaks or apps being released. Three of the most popular are listed below.


SBSettings Toggle Private Browsing is a new jailbreak tweak that adds a toggle button for Private Browsing in SBSettings. Once it is downloaded and installed, jailbreak fans can quickly enable or disable Private Browsing for Safari via from the easy-to-access SBSettings interface. In iOS 5, Apple fans can activate the browsing mode from within the Safari section of the Settings app. However, with the free SBSettings Toggle Private Browsing package, this mode can be activated without users having to navigate through the many menus of the Settings app.

IntelliScreen X

This has been developed by Intelliborn. Once installed, the package adds countless widgets to Notification Center. Among the features added is an SBSettings style widget, a Twitter timeline (you can even tweet from IntelliScreenX) and an RSS feed (which is compatible with Google Reader and uses the Safari Reader interface). You can add a Mail and Facebook page to the tweak too. Furthermore, once downloaded and installed, IntelliScreenX makes it possible to access Notification Center (and IntelliScreenX) from your iPhone’s Lock screen – something that cannot currently be done without jailbreaking.

Bite SMS

Users can forget about going into the Message app to reply to texts and iMessages. Bite SMS allows you to reply directly from the notification. This is fully compatible with iOS 5 and works with iMessaging. It has features including emoticons, quick mail composition, templates, passcode lock and signature. It can also take care of Apple's new iMessage protocol.