An untethered jailbreak for Apple devices powered by the A4 processor has been released. Meanwhile, users of Apple devices running on the A5 processor are still waiting for their jailbreak. However, the release of a break for A4 devices doesn't mean the hackers' jobs are over.

The latest break is compatible with iOS 5.0.1 and neither Corona 5.0.1 nor RedSn0w 9.10b will work on future updates of the iOS 5. On the day of the untethered jailbreak's release, Chronic Dev-team member Greenpois0n, on his Web site, said people should refrain from updating their operating systems in order to save the break.

If you have one of the A4 devices listed above and are not using iOS 5.0.1 yet, you can update your iOS version now (though you should not update to 5.0.2 when it is released, or you will lose your jailbreak), he said. The hacker also suggested A4 users wait for some time and only update the operating system once Corona's updated version became available in the Cydia store.

Greenpois0n is only making an advisory statement. However, future Apple updates are going to keep the Chronic Dev-team's French member, Pod2g and the iPhone Dev-team's, MuscleNerd busy for a long time. Not only are they gearing up for the release of iOS 5.0.2, teething issues related to their latest untethered jailbreaks are providing additional work.

The fact that the recently launched iPhone 4S has battery issues is no big secret; neither is the fact that the Cupertino-based company has already released iOS 5.1. beta for the developers. This means that when it becomes available for an update, hackers will once again to have to search for a new userland exploit.

MuscleNerd has been hard at work in this instance and has already released three updates of Redsn0w 9.10b, inside of three days of its release. After working on issues related to iBooks, the hacker has released Redsn0w 9.10b3 and it is available for download. Meanwhile, Pod2g has gone back to find a bootrom-level exploit for A5 devices and is completely lost in his work.

Users of Apple's A5 powered devices expect an early release of a jailbreak... a task that seems difficult as of now. However, once Pod2g does crack that one, there is another monster waiting.

There are rumors Apple's forthcoming tablet (the anticipated iPad 3) will be launched with an A6 processor, in Jan. 2012. If this does happen and Apple does launch two processors in the space of a year, neither Pod2g nor MuscleNerd can even think of planning vacations in the near future.

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