Apple's new mobile operating system is out with an updated version and one more update has been released for developers.

The members of two different Dev teams are completely committed to bringing out an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, but there are some fake jailbreak applications also and people should avoid them.

Jailbreak provides you an ample opportunity of using many exciting application which are not available in Apple's application store. But at the same time, if you do not perform the jailbreak process properly, there are possibilities of you losing your valuable iDevice.

Here are the reasons why you should think twice before you perform jailbreaks on your costly devices.

Security: Once you jailbreak your device. you can download plenty of applications, but some applications might come from unreliable sources too. And that's where you compromise the security of your device.

Warranty: Apple is not at all liable to give you a new piece of an iPhone or repair it without any charge if your phone is jailbroken and not working properly. Jailbreaking is good, but make sure you don't put the phone at risk.

Data Suck: Jailbreak also gives you freedom to use the 3G data services very fast, but there are always chances of data suck. If you don't have unlimited data plan, then 3G video calling may consume so much of data, your accounts will be debited with a huge amount.

iBrick: This is the most common problem with the jailbreaking. If you don't perform the jailbreak properly or you use some unreliable jailbreak program, your device will convert into a brick.

Brick is referred to a device which is not able to perform anything. To bring out your device from the bricked status, you must perform a complete system restore which will lead to losing all the data.

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