On Wednesday, Apple unveiled its new iPad at a press event in San Francisco. At the same event, Apple announced that iOS 5.1 is available for download. Apple has always succeeded in delighting its fans by bringing innovative features in its latest software. What about iOS 5.1?

Here's a rundown of the top eight reasons why you should upgrade your iDevice to iOS 5.1:

1) iOS 5.1 allows one to delete individual photos from Photo Stream

Photo Stream is the feature that exists in iPhone 4S, which runs on iOS 5. The users who uses iCloud on the iPhone or iPad could take the photos which would automatically get uploaded to the iCloud. After the uploading process, the user can view the photos on any Apple product. The photos can also be downloaded to the iPod Touch, iPad or PC for which an iCloud account must be registered. The whole stream could be deleted from the iCloud.

However, till now the users faced an issue with deleting the unwanted photos. This time Apple has come up with an upgraded feature which will allow the users to delete the individual photos from Photo Stream. However it is not possible to delete the photos from all the devices at a time.

2) Camera Shortcut

With iOS 5, the user had to follow many steps to launch the camera app. The user had to click twice on the home button. A camera icon would then appear at the side of the slide to unlock which would then direct towards the camera. But with iOS 5.1, the user will no more have to click the home button.

The iOS 5.1 allows the user to quickly access the camera of iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch from the locked screen. The user only needs to press the home button once to unlock the screen of the device. A camera icon then appears which can be easily dragged to the top of the screen. The camera application is then ready to capture the pictures.

3) Enjoy the best music

iOS 5.1 provides the users with the latest Genius Mixes and Genius Playlists. It can be enjoyed by the iTune Match subscribers.

4) Better Audio

iOS 5.1 offers better audio quality especially while watching the television shows or movies on the new iPad.

5) Face Recognition

This feature will enable the camera to recognize and highlight the faces while the picture is being captured by the user.

6) Podcast controls

The improved controls have been added to the iPad. The user can modify the playback speed and can rewind for thirty seconds segments.

7) Addresses the battery bugs

The battery life of the iPhone 4S has been a serious issue for the users. The users may need not worry now since the iOS 5.1 addresses the bugs which affect the battery life.

8) Addresses issues during calls

The users will always prefer the best audio quality during the outgoing calls. iOS 5.1 addresses the problems which causes the audio to drop for the outgoing calls. The users can now enjoy the best call quality.

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