Meet the hard drive that is almost battle worthy, capable enough to survive the ravages of Iraq or Afghanistan - the IoSafe Rugged Portable. IoSafe, known for making disaster-proof data storage devices, showcased its latest offering at CES 2011.

IoSafe describes the Rugged Portable hard drive as an aircraft blackbox for mobile data. The hard drive boasts tank-like features with it's titanium alloy enclosure and can survive an impact of up to 5,000 lbs.

The IoSafe Rugged Portable can be used in extreme conditions. It can not only withstand moisture, but can stay immersed in water for up to 3 days without bearing on data. The drive also shields the data from continuous exposure to UV, blowing sand, dust, rain, salt fog, icing or freezing rain for up 24 hours.

It can't beat gravity but can sure protect data from 20 feet (SSD) and 10 feet (HDD) falls onto concrete. Another element it can withstand is fuels - the drive can stay immersed in diesel, oils, hydraulic fluids and aircraft fuels to a 12-inch depth for one hour without affecting the composition of data.

The mini-bunker of storage device weighs a mere one pound in aluminum while the titanium version weighs 1.5 pounds. It offers up to 250 GB to 1TB of data storage for HDD and 256 GB to 512 GB for SSD.

IsoSafe showcased the impregnable device at the CES by allowing journalists to fire multiple rounds of shotgun. The demo was arranged at the American Shooting firing range in Las Vegas. CNET reported that the device survived about 10 rounds of Winchester Expert Game Load Steel ammo from a Remington 12-guage shotgun.

Robb Moore, CEO of IoSafe, however, clarified that the device is not bullet-proof but the presentation was aimed at showing that the device can withstand significant amount of impact.

There are types of bullets that can go through any electronic devices we make. I believe, however, the Rugged Portable can survive multiple rounds of shotgun. Still, I keep my fingers crossed, he is quoted as saying.

IsoSafe is famous for audacious presentations of its devices, which, in the past, included a fire and water abuse that it's Solo SSD external drive was put through at CES 2010. It was also run over by a 35,000 pound excavator.

Guaranteeing the performance of IoSafe Rugged Portable, the company offers up to $2,500 for HDD drives and $5,000 for SSD Rugged Portable devices if the data recovery fails.

It has a full metal jacket and it is machined out of a solid billet of aluminum, Moore informed.

Billet means a solid chunk of aluminum. According to HubPages, the part is machined out of a single block of aluminum such as bar stock as it was produced at the foundry. Such parts are superior in strength as they have a much stronger crystalline structure, or grain, and don't have the stresses of a welded part due to excessive heating and cooling. The structure of the grain has not been disrupted because material has only been cut away from the original piece and no excessive heat has been created.